Ministry of Communications: more than 3 trillion Yemeni riyals are losses in the telecommunications ,postal sector as a result of the aggression

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology announced on Wednesday the losses of the telecommunications and postal sector during the 6 years of the US-Saudi aggression and blockade,according to al-masirah.

During a press conference held in Sana’a, the ministry stated that the telecommunications sector suffered material and human losses with more than 2,409 air strikes.

“The aggression targeted 1041 facilities, communications sites and post offices, resulting in the total destruction of 32% of the total infrastructure and the partial destruction of 23%,” it added.

The Ministry pointed out that the aggression caused the closure of 774 service facilities in the governorates. In addition, it resulted in the death of 60 employees in the sector.

The Ministry of Communications noted that the blockade resulted in the detention of 104 communications stations, nearly 7 million mobile phone cards and 16 containers for communications and messaging equipment, and stopped them in airports and ports under the control of the aggression.

The Ministry indicated that the initial material losses incurred by the telecommunications and postal sector amounted to more than one billion and four hundred dollars, equivalent to more than 3 trillion Yemeni riyals.

It also explained that the aggression caused the failure to restore service to more than 87 Yemeni villages and cities that were cut off from the world and deprived more than a million citizens of services.

It indicated that the aggression led to the banning of the use of submarine internet cables owned by Yemeni telecommunications and depriving Yemen of their use. It pointed out that the aggression still prevents the use and operation of the Aden-Djibouti submarine cable and the cable (AAE_1) and its landing station in Aden, it also prevents the installation and operation of the cable (SMW5) and its unloading station in Hodeidah.

The Ministry of Communications morally and legally holds the countries of the aggression responsible for all the crimes committed against the sector and the catastrophic consequences thereof.

It called on the international community and the UN to carry out their inevitable duties to ensure the survival of the lowest levels of human rights for civilians in Yemen.

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