Humanity Eye Center reveals statistics of aggression crimes within six years

Eye Center for Human Rights and Development revealed , Tuesday, during a press conference held in the capital, Sana’a, statistics of the crimes by the US-Saudi aggression over six years.

The center’s statistics revealed that the total number of civilian dead and wounded during the six years reached 43,593 citizens.It added that the number of dead reached 17,097 citizens, including 3,821 children, 2,394 women, and 10,882 men while the number of wounded reached 26,496 citizens, including 4,183 children, 2,815 woman, and 19,498 men.

With regard to infrastructure, the statistics revealed that 15 airports, 16 ports, 307 enclaves and a generator were destroyed within six years by the aggression, in addition to 551 networks and communication stations, 2,288 reservoirs and a water network, 1,978 government installations, 4,764 roads and bridges.

The number of economic establishments destroyed by the American, Saudi, and Emirati aggression during six years, reached 3.95 factories, 292 fuel tankers, 11,387 commercial establishments, 416 poultry and livestock farms, in addition to 7,495 means of transport, 464 fishing boats, 904 food stores, 394 petrol stations, 680 markets and 815 food trucks.

With regard to service facilities, the statistics revealed that the aggression destroyed 571,190 homes, 178 university facilities, 1,413 mosques, 367 tourist facilities, 390 hospitals and health facilities, as well as 1,102 schools and educational centers, 7,191 agricultural fields and 134 sports facilities. , 247 archaeological sites and 48 media facilities.

At the conference, the head of the center, Ahmed Abdo Abu Hamra, reviewed statistics of the crimes by the US-Saudi aggression against civilians, according to governorates.

According to the statistics, Saada governorate occupies the largest percentage in terms of the number of dead and wounded with 8,597 , then by Amanat al-Asimah with 7,018 martyrs, and in the third place Hodeidah governorate with 2,194 dead and 3,090 wounded, then Taiz governorate with 4,630 , then Hajjah with 4,075 ,then Sana’a governorate with 2,914 , then Al-Jawf governorate with 1,803 , followed by Marib governorate with 1,796 , then Aden with 1,268, then Amran with 1,131 , then Ibb with 1,017 , then Lahj with 942, and Dhamar with 759 , then Al Bayda with, followed by Shabwa with 460 , then Hadramout with 385, then Dhale with 384 , then Abyan with 257 , followed by Al Mahwit with 157 , and finally Rayma with 35.

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