An event ,a convoy in Sanaa on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of steadfastness

On Thursday, Sana’a governorate was the scene of a central speech event for the sixth anniversary of the National Day of Resilience in the face of aggression and the inauguration of the seventh year.

In the event, the governor of the governorate, Abdulbaset Al-Hadi, affirmed that the Yemenis are turning up the sixth year of the aggression by strengthening the options of steadfastness and sacrifice in the face of the arrogance of aggression, its brutal criminal war and its unjust siege.

The convoy in the name of “Al-Fateh” contained cash money worth 40 million riyals from various executive and service offices in the governorate and a large medical convoy that included medicines and medical and treatment supplies provided by the governorate’s health office and its directorates’ branches at a cost of 85 million riyals in addition to various foodstuffs.

تليقرام انصار الله
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