“Focusing on the internal problem before ending the war led by an external party will raise many problems”: Yemeni President

Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, the head of the Supreme Political Council, explained that trying to focus on the Yemeni internal problem before ending the military war led by a foreign party will raise many problems and difficulties.

President Mahdi Al-Mashat warned in his speech, today, Friday, on the occasion of the National Day of Resilience, to the danger of starting from wrong descriptions in the search for peace because this would lead to incorrect and unrealistic perceptions of a solution. He also cautioned the danger of linking the humanitarian side that concerns the Yemeni people as a whole with files of a military or political dispute ”.

He stressed the necessity of protecting the humanitarian side from any negative effects of the real difference aspects, represented in the military war led by both sides, Sanaa and Riyadh, and the internal political dispute. ”He pointed out the danger of ignoring the fears, apprehension, mistrust and tragic reality of the war, as well as neglecting the long negotiation practical experience.

President Al-Mashat explained that the celebration of the National Day of Resilience was a test because it was a test and success in this difficult test was the ally of our people with all the components of their national stance against aggression. He affirmed that this steadfastness, thanks to God, would protect us from greater and more dangerous suffering . He added that it also gave us and our people great, deep and wide awareness of opponents and those behind them stands from the enemies of the nation. ”

He pointed out that steadfastness in the face of aggression gave us immunity from being influenced by the enemies’ policies and methods based on distortion and incitement and stirring sectarian, sectarian and regional strife . He added that, “Within the framework of this steadfastness, the principles of the Yemeni identity have been established with what it builds in the conscience and reality of faith in God, trust in Him , so all reasons of division and hateare disapeared. ”

He pointed out that the steadfastness of our people had a great impact in thwarting all hostile schemes, and had the great merit in placing the opponents in front of a great state of political, legal and media exposure. He explained that one of the most important gains of steadfastness is that it revealed the level of value decline among all pretenders to civilization, progress and humanity and dropped all the masks .So, we found the international community recognize a false legitimacy that recognized by the Yemeni people. ”

He pointed out that one of the most important gains of steadfastness is that we found the United Nations become anxious every time we use our legitimate right to defense. It also remain silent about the daily aggression ,the ongoing blockade and about the illegal external interference.

He emphasized that the steadfastness of our people overcame the culture of mercenarism, dependence and dependency. Therefore,the vast majority of the people had abandoned it, and steadfastness laid the foundations of inevitable independence.

He revealed that in the coming days, we will witness the launch of a number of gigantic achievements in the national vision for building the state, represented in the five-year plan for the first phase.He advised any laggard or negligent government and institutions that the last opportunity is favorable to diligence, perseverance, success and production, unless the measures are abosulately taking.

President Al-Mashat renewed the blessing of the steadfastness of our people , appreciating the high response and the sustained support of the fronts and the high turnout and the supervisor of the reserve camps .He expressed his appreciation for the continuous construction process in all the military and security fields, urging the specialists in the training and qualification departments to further double their efforts.

He blessed all the brothers who returned to the homeland .He welcomed this continuous, good wave dead ,considering it as an awakening of conscience and an indicator of awareness .He stressed that those who remain in the camp of aggression must know that the door to return will not remain open indefinitely if they do not rush to reconsider their accounts and take the right decision. “.

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