More than five billion dollars losses in the tourism sector during the 6 years of the aggression

Quting from almasirah, the Ministry of Tourism announced that the losses of the tourism sector exceeded 5 billion US dollar during the six years of the US-Saudi aggression.

Acting Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Ali, talked in a press conference, about the crimes of aggression and their effects on the tourism sector over six years, pointing out that these losses represent the annual tourism revenues.

He said: The aggression targeted and destroyed 473 archaeological sites, monuments, tourists, and historical installations in various governorates.

He added that the tourist facilities that were destroyed and damaged by the aggression included 25 historical cities, 42 archaeological monuments, 25 mausoleums, 252 hotels, 81 restaurants, 12 event halls, 28 parks and gardens, and 8 cafes.

Al-Ali pointed out that the aggression caused the closure of 543 tourism agencies, with losses amounting to 745 million dollars, and the layoffs of 95 percent of workers in the various tourism sectors of 500 thousand people at the governorates.

He noted that targeting the archaeological, historical and tourist sites of Yemen violated international regulations, laws and norms that criminalize targeting historical sites as a human heritage.

He pointed out that the aggression’s intention to destroy archaeological and historical sites with the aim of uprooting Yemen from its historical and civilizational roots caused Yemen to leave all international tourism forums.

تليقرام انصار الله
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