An infiltration attempt by the aggression mercenaries thwarted in Tuhayta, Hodeidah

On Sunday, the aggression mercenaries continued to violate the truce agreement on Hodeidah fronts, trying to infiltrate Tuhayat district.

A military source clarified that the Yemeni army, popular committees managed to thwart an infiltration attempt by the aggression mercenaries southwest of Tuhayta .It explained that the infiltration attempt was accompanied by intense combing with various calibres in conjunction with two air raids of the espionage aggression on Hodeidah airport.

The source condemned the outrageous breach of the aggression mercenaries , which came hours after the aggression’s air raid launched a raid on Luhia district, stressing that the army and the popular committees are in high readiness for all options and that the aggression forces are fully responsibile.

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