Aden: The militia affiliated with the Emirati occupation begins numbering of cars with an Emirati character and identity

Yesterday, the mercenaries of the Emirati occupation in Aden publicly launched the first steps for secession and the division of the country in implementation of the agendas and goals of the aggression coalition on Yemen.The so-called transitional council loyal to Abu Dhabi began the process of numbering cars and vehicles of citizens in Aden with new numbers and a new identity different from the rest of the Yemeni governorates with an Emirati character with distinction, and ended dealing with the current unified numbers at the level of all Yemeni governorates.

According to media sources affiliated with the aggression coalition, the new numbers consisted of a rectangular white plate and a square plate in the back of the car, not very different from the metal plates in the UAE occupation state. The new plate has the logo of the Aden lighthouse, the city name and the car number.

The sources indicated that the move reflects the occupation’s desire to divide Yemen and declare secession directly, despite the randomness and confusion that accompanied the process. They noted that the defects of the new plates are that they are one type for all cars with one numerical number without spaces, which means that it may end at half a million one.

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