10 Billion ,762 million dollars are losses of the fisheries sector as a result of the aggression

The Public Authority for Fisheries in the Red Sea and the Fish Union Branch in Hodeidah governorate, today, Tuesday, organized a press conference on the damages of the fish sector over the six years of aggression.

In the conference, Minister of Fisheries, Mohammad Mohammad Al-Zubairi, affirmed keenness to develop strategic and practical plans to overcome the imbalances that the fish sector suffers from in light of the continuing aggression and blockade.

He pointed out that the aggression continued to target the facilities of the fish sector to create a kind of frustration and despair among the workers with the aim of eliminating an important economic resource.

The report pointed out that the losses of the fish sector in the Red Sea as a result of the aggression were 10 billion, 762 million and 73 thousand dollars. They included losses of infrastructure and fishermen’s boats, the suspension of the implementation of fish projects, overfishing, industries and services associated with fish activity and others.

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