Head of the national delegation: Preventing the entry of oil, food and medicinal products obstructs peace intentions

The head of the national delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, confirmed today, Tuesday, that preventing from entering oil derivatives, food and medical supplies by the Saudi-American aggression coalition into the port of Hodeidah violates international law and impedes peace intentions.

Abdulsalam said in a tweet on Twitter: “The aggression’s coalition preventing the ships of oil derivatives and food and medical materials licensed by the United Nations and the inspector from entering the port of Hodeidah is an arbitrary measure in violation of international law. It is also a violation of the legitimate right of the Yemeni people, open piracy and an unparalleled crime that exposes every claimant to humanity and impedes All intentions of peace.

“They are bargaining with us for the livelihood, the pill and the freedom of movement. They are bargaining in the name of peace, to make us participate with them in the people’s injustice, and peace will not be achieved,” Abdelsalam added.

He continued, saying, “We repeat saying: These are human rights that do not accept compromise, and it is the right of our Yemeni people to enjoy their human rights as all peoples, and they do not lack the means to achieve this and more, God willing.”

تليقرام انصار الله
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