A citizen killed due to mercenaries’ suppression of popular protests in Hadramout

A citizen was killed and others were injured by the mercenary forces of the US-Saudi aggression in a mass demonstration in Mayfa’a district on Tuesday.

local sources reported that a popular demonstration took place in Mayfa’a District, west of the city of Mukalla, to protest the collapse of the situation and demand the provision of electricity.

Forces affiliated with the mercenary governor Faraj Al-Bahsani fired live bullets at the demonstrators to disperse them, which led to the killing of a citizen named “Awad Ahmed Salem Bakhamis”.

The sources indicated that at least 8 demonstrators were wounded as a result of being shot by mercenary forces.

The Revolutionary Movement Council in the directorate issued a statement in which it held the mercenary governor, Faraj Al-Bahsani, responsible for this crime. The statement included the names of eight wounded who were killed by the mercenary forces’ fire.

The crime sparked a great public anger, as local activists called for large demonstrations, on Wednesday, in front of the “governorate” office; To denounce the crime, and to demand accountability for the mercenary Al-Bahsani and the forces affiliated with him.

Hadhramaut and a number of occupied governorates are experiencing increasing popular anger. Because of the collapse of the economic and service conditions in those governorates, as a result of the corruption of the mercenaries’ authorities, and their destructive policies that they implement at the behest of the aggression coalition.

These governorates also witness continuous violations by militia and mercenary gangs against citizens, in addition to the widespread insecurity.

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