Serious Emirati, Israeli Violations in Socotra

The UAE is trying to enter Yemen through the occupation, under the cover of legitimacy. Abu Dhabi imposed its will on Yemen’s sovereign decision, in order to enable it to exploit the country’s resources, and beyond that, the violations became continuous and did not stop all day.

Al-Mahriya satellite channel published the Emirati role on Socotra Island. The UAE pays tempting offers to the residents of the Socotra Archipelago to concede to the Emirati occupation, but it was faced with strong rejection and made it one of the countries hostile to the Yemenis.

Military Training

The UAE-backed Transitional Council militias continue to conduct new military exercises in Socotra.

The training sends important messages to the Yemeni government, which has come under the control of Abu Dhabi.

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Al-Qatari, Commander the First Marine Brigade (who turned against legitimacy), indicated that these exercises come as prelude to those who oppose rule of militias, in reference to people of Socotra who are demanding return of Marines legitimate government and extend its influence on island.

The violations and exercises on the world-class Yemeni island come amid shameful government silence.

On March 2nd, Emirati planes landed on uninhabited islands, according to some fishermen. The islands witnessed active movement of the Emirati aviation, as helicopters hovered over the governorate’s sky and number of islands.

Fishermen confirmed that they saw Emirati helicopters landing in free areas the islands near Socotra.

Residents commented in sporadic conversations about Emirati flights operating to island via airlines, while Al-Rayyan airport in Hadramout continues to be closed and refuses to allow local companies to transport patients, students and stranded between Socotra and other governorates.

Residents also indicated that the UAE continues to violate national sovereignty.Military and foreign leaders loyal to them arrived in Socotra governorate, in conjunction with arrival the “Honor” ship coming from Abu Dhabi with military vehicles and supplies for militias of Transitional Council in governorate.

The frequency of Emirati interventions escalated on March 4th, as Socotra fishermen expressed their disapproval and fear of continuous reversal Abu Dhabi’s interventions on island of Darsa in Socotra Archipelago, which is located close to mother island in southwestern side.

Number of fishermen said to “Al-Mahra Net”: We appeal to President of Republic and Yemeni government to save first fishermen’s station, Darsa Island is being tampered with through the military actions that are done in plain sight.

Preventing fishermen from going to their island, which represents rest and departure point for Socotra fishermen from time to another.

The Transitional Council militia did not content with granting permits and licenses to the Burum Fish Company to fish in the coastal waters of Socotra and tightening the noose on more than 7,000 fishermen from Socotra, which doubles their suffering, and they support thousands of Socotra families.

Emirati forces are planning to occupy Dersa Island, which is one of the most important fishing sites for rich fish and coral reefs.

Ships have become unidentified that UAE allows them to shovel fish in large quantities, with silence more than 20 fish societies on island without even issuing a single statement defending rights of Socotra fishermen.


Military Disembarkations

On March 8th , the UAE carried out military disembarkations, as it assigned former Socotra Security Director Ahmed Issa, to supervise process of registering 500 people from transitional, to be transported by Emirati aircraft from governorate to Abu Dhabi.

Socotra residents see what UAE is doing is tantamount to pulling rug from under government and fighting it, wiping out everything related to Yemen, or linking Socotra to its geography, identity, customs and Yemeni traditions.

UAE sent thousands of young men to the Emirates and gave them attractive sums. It also recruits girls and sends others to study abroad, and seeks to control them all to serve its agenda.

UAE conducted field surveys to collect family data in Socotra, recruited young people in so-called “security belt”, canceled and ignored the sheikhs, and intervened to influence Socotra culture and heritage, in addition to its organized operations to buy land in sensitive areas.

Abu Dhabi has brought in experts from Pakistan, India and Egypt to run fish, oil and gas companies, and has linked Socotra to direct flights by the Emirati aviation after it acquired all air and sea ports.

UAE is undertaking military and expansionary measures in Socotra, with the aim of consolidating its presence there, amid popular discontent and continued government condemnation.

On February 25, Governor of Socotra, Ramzi Mahrous, announced, through a statement, that “an Emirati ship unloaded in port of archipelago military vehicles in flagrant defiance of Pro-Saudi Aggression Government

 and local authorities and a clear attempt to obstruct the implementation of Riyadh Agreement.”

The UAE continues to support armed groups and STC militia and encourage chaos in archipelago. “

There is clear and continuous push to deepen crisis, obstruct all solutions, confiscate identity and sovereignty, which we have not and will not allow in any way.

legitimacy leadership has not done what is necessary to work to normalize the situation in archipelago and expel STC militia despite continuous calls for government to resolve crisis in Socotra and restore Pro-Saudi Aggression Government authorities.

Director General of Socotra Port, Riyadh Suleiman, revealed military vehicles unloaded by an Emirati ship that arrived at the port.

Port director explained that the vessel (Takreem) of Khalifa Foundation for Humanitarian Works entered port to unload its cargo coming from Abu Dhabi, carrying military vehicles that were seized.

He explained that during unloading process, 13 cars and 6 buses were renewed, which were military vehicles that were brought to the dock despite the port’s refusal.

UAE and its Mercenaries continued to deploy militias and military vehicles in Socotra, which is the most important island in Yemen, and is even considered one the most important islands even at regional and global level.

On February 26, governor of Socotra, Ramzi Mahrous, said that UAE had established intelligence centers on outskirts of island, with officers and commanders in UAE security apparatus working in Khalifa and Red Crescent Foundation.

Military equipment that arrived on island during the past hours coming from Abu Dhabi undermines Riyadh agreement, noting at same time that there are containers that security services have not been able to inspect and are believed to contain weapons.

Implementation of Riyadh agreement is passing very slowly in temporary capital of Aden, and same is case in Socotra, whose security and stability are still being tampered with by coup militias.

Abu Dhabi seeks, by introducing weapons and bypassing sovereignty of Yemeni state, to obstruct Riyadh Agreement.

Foreign delegations arrive in governorate without any controls, with Emirati sponsorship and direct protection from STC militia, indicating that there are suspicions that UAE has introduced an Israeli delegation to archipelago.

UAE took control of Socotra Island through its tools, the Southern Transitional Council militia, in June of last year, after confrontations with government forces that complained at time of deliberate neglect by coalition, which made separatist council extend its influence on this vital island.

The UAE and its tools are carrying out the continuous militarization that has negatively affected the lives of the Socotrians, as wealth is bulldozed there, and even fishermen are prevented from doing their job or restricting them.

Socotra fishermen denounced the continuous negative reflection of Abu Dhabi’s interventions on island of Darsa in Socotra Archipelago, located close to mother island in south


Western Side

They called on the President of Republic and government to rescue first fishermen plane a dueling of military seminars that prepare for view everyone.

Preventing fishermen from going to their island, which represents rest and departure point for Socotra fishermen from time to another.

Transitional Council militia granted permits and licenses to Burum Fish Company, allowing it to fish in coastal waters of Socotra and tightening the noose on more than 7,000 Socotri fishermen, which leads to doubling their suffering, as they are breadwinners for thousands of Socotran families.

On March 11th, the representative of UAE on island of Socotra, Khalfan Al Mazrouei, granted a number of heads of fish societies and those responsible for selling fish cars to ensure that they sell crackfish to Emirati factory on island.

Al-Mazrouei also distributed special cars to heads of fish societies with the catching season of crackfish near, but he did not give them ownership papers for these cars.

These developments come for fear that UAE will not get crop completely cracks, and to ensure that cars are distributed without official papers as deal by Al Mazrouei to ensure that he obtains the fishermen’s harvest completely and supplies it to Prime Fish Factory of Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation, which in turn transfers it to Abu Dhabi.

Khalfan promised officials and heads of fish societies to own cars, provided they cooperate with him in completing the deal of selling cracks with approaching fishing season, and limiting sale to Emirati factory as an entity that benefits from Socotra fishing, in amounts exceeding tens of millions of dollars.

The granting of cars also came after escalation of disputes between fishermen and Emirati delegate over the refusal of Abu Dhabi delegates to pay fish tax. And which they have evaded from since the beginning of their work in archipelago, noting that they are forced to hand over fish to Emirati factory, and they face pressures in their work and violations under management of representatives of Emirates.

Socotra Island contains 733 species of coastal fish, according to United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO.)

On its second flight, Abu Dhabi transported the first batch of people of Socotra Archipelago, who had been trained in Emirates and qualified to become militia loyal to them and directed them to subjugate the inhabitants of island.

Dozens of recruits loyal to UAE arrived last week on island from Abu Dhabi on a flight by Emirates Airlines.

Israeli officers arrived on island of Socotra, accompanied by Emirati officers, to carry out suspicious acts under humanitarian cover that Khalifa Foundation claims to be carrying out in archipelago.


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