In video, the aggression forces are using the IDP camps in Marib for military purposes ,human shields

Today, Thursday, the military media released scenes of the aggression forces while using the IDP camps in Marib for military purposes and as human shields.

The scenes showed the presence of a number of military vehicles moving inside the camps ,carrying recruits, belonging to the aggression forces . They used the camps for the displaced as a mooring to protect them from being targeted by the army forces and the popular committees who are close to the camps.

For its part, a local source told almasirah that dozens of displaced people in Marib are subjected to many harassment and are forced to stay in camps and some of them have been imprisoned.

The source said that the mercenary leadership in Marib is forcing the displaced to return to “Sanaa camp” after the fighting approached it during the past two days after they had left it 20 days ago at the request of the mercenary leadership.

It mentioned that during the return of the displaced to collect their belongings from “Sanaa camp”, they saw film crews inside it, which caused great concern amid them.

It explained that many of the displaced in Marib do not want to be part of the war game, but who refuses to return to the camp is threatened with imprisonment.

On the same level, a military source told almasirah that, during the past two weeks, suspicious movements were observed inside “Sanaa camp” for the displaced, where Saudi officers and photo teams were present inside the camp.

The source warned of what he called preparing the mercenary authorities to commit a massacre against the displaced in Marib,then accuse the army and committees as a pressure card to stop the process of liberating the governorate.

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