The aggression jets target Marib with more than 30,000 raids

Quting from almasirah, a statistic issued by the Media Center in Marib Governorate revealed that the US-Saudi forces targeted the province with more than 30,000 raids during the six years of the aggression, including more than two thousand raids during 2021.

The statistics indicated that the airstrikes resulted in the killing and injuring of 796 civilians, the majority of whom were women and children.

The hysterical bombing caused the displacement of more than 54 thousand and 147 families, including three thousand and 773 families who fled to the capital, Sana’a. The number of destroyed and damaged homes reached 592 homes and about 183 farms, while the number of destroyed and damaged schools reached 29 schools.

In the health sector, the US-Saudi aggression destroyed three hospitals, four health centers and units, in addition to the repercussions of the siege, which caused many health centers and units to stop working due to the depletion of fuel and the shortage of medicines and medical supplies.

The aggression destroyed 15 bridges in a number of areas of the governorate with the aim of isolating the governorate’s areas from each other and from the neighboring governorates, in addition to destroying about 80 cars and transportation and six heavy splitting equipment.

The statistics recorded the targeting of 13 mosques in the governorate, the majority of which were completely destroyed and some of them severely damaged, and more than nine projects and water tanks were targeted, which led to the deprivation of thousands of families of clean water.

According to the statistic, the aggression warplanes targeted seven archaeological sites in the governorate, causing great damage to historical landmarks, most notably the historic Ma’rib Dam, the Throne Bilqis Temple and the historic city of Baraqish, in addition to destroying four main markets, including shops, restaurants and fuel stations.
The center emphasized that the governorate is being bombed these days by hysterical bombing by the US-Saudi aggression, which exacerbated the suffering of civilians and deprived them of movement and access to the most basic services.

The center pointed out that Safer Company is exposed to systematic plunder of crude oil from wells, as it produces about 40 thousand barrels of oil per day from Sector 18 in the Ma’rib Governorate, and it also produces domestic gas with a production capacity of 800 metric tons per day, and its revenues go for US-Saudi mercenaries. The center estimated the money stolen from the oil and gas revenue from the Safer fields at more than seven billion and 500 million dollars during the years of the aggression.

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