Amid warnings…..Islah devils reposition the displaced as human shields in Marib

The displaced in Marib have been subjected to multiple violations and attacks by the aggression mercenaries over the past period. Previously published documents revealed that the mercenary forces were summoning “women” from displacement camps late at night , and the mercenary forces recently kidnapped several displaced women under the pretext of being accused of being “agents,” amid reports that they were handed over to Saudi forces.

Recently, warnings of that, the aggression forces and its mercenaries use IDPs as human shields in Marib governorate, have escalated, and these fears intensified with the arrival of Saudi military teams and others affiliated with the aggression to one of the IDP camps adjacent to the city of Marib.

As the battles approached the displaced camp , dozens of them were forced to demand the camp administration to search for safe places, but the authorities affiliated with the Islah party, controlling the city of Marib, refused this and threatened to cut off aid to them in an attempt to force them to stay.

According to a number of the displaced, the authorities, in charge of the camp, practiced all forms of intimidation against them and arrested many of them over demanding to move to safe areas. They noted that the mercenary forces, about two weeks ago, evacuated dozens of displaced people from the camp under the pretext that they had responded to their demands to provide an alternative and security place, but it forced them to leave all their belongings and tools in the camp, and this coincided with the arrival of military reinforcements of the mercenaries to the camp.

One of the displaced – who requested anonymity – confirmed that upon his return to collect his tools with a number of displaced persons who were evacuated earlier from the camp, they saw the presence of photo teams inside the camp, which caused great concern for them, indicating that the camp officials refused to allow them to go in and take their tools.

After 20 days of evacuating them, the mercenary forces returned and forced them to return to the camp, whereas he says: “None of us wants to be part of the war game – we fled here to be far away and we do not want to be in the middle of the fighting today. We do not know the goal of the authorities in Marib, who took us out 20 days ago and seized our tools and then forced us to return. He added: Those who refuse to return are threatening with imprisonment.

In this context, another displaced person from Sana’a camp, located near the city of Marib, said that the mercenaries’ leadership in Marib is forcing them to return to the camp after being approached by the battles over the last two days, after they left it 20 days ago without carrying their tools as requested by the mercenary leadership there.

Supreme Council in order to provide all the necessary food
Military sources, for their part, confirmed that during the past two weeks, they had detected suspicious movements of mercenary forces inside the displaced people camp, confirming that they had monitored the presence of Saudi officers and photo teams inside Sanaa camp for the displaced.

The sources warned against preparing the mercenary authorities to commit a massacre against the displaced and accusing the army and popular committees as the Syrian model and chemical weapon plays in the areas of the Syrian opposition.

They added, “We do not rule out that mercenaries in Marib have committed a massacre against the displaced and marketed it through their channels as a card and a final attempt to pressure the army forces and the popular committees to stop the liberation of Marib governorate.

” Military barracks in the IDP camps”

Regarding the transformation of the displaced camps into military barracks, the head of the national negotiating delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, confirmed that the aggression mercenaries, al-Qaeda and ISIS individuals are barricaded in the IDP camps in Marib.

Abdulsalam said in a tweet, on the social networking site “Twitter”: Because of the decline of their psyche with the collapse of the sites of the aggression mercenaries in Marib, along with al-Qaeda and ISIS members, they are entrenched in camps for the displaced and put them in the forefront to protect the camps.

He held the aggression coalition and mercenaries all responsibility for this cowardly and reckless criminal behavior.

A few days ago, the prominent activist Tariq Al-Awadi (brother of the mercenary leader Yasser Al-Awadi) published a video clip showing the stationing of a number of soldiers and military vehicles belonging to the aggression mercenaries near a camp for the displaced in Marib.

The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation had earlier warned against using civilians as human shields ,with the aim of stopping the advance of the army and the popular committees, by the aggression coalition and its mercenaries, calling on the militia of Islah Party and the of aggression coalition to open safe humanitarian corridors to cross civilians instead of trying to use them as a pressure card in front of the international community and organizations ,aiming to stop the advance of the army and the popular committees and liberate the city.

The Supreme Council held the aggression coalition and its mercenaries criminally responsible if civilians were exposed to any harm that might befall them as a result of using them as human shields by placing them in camps in military areas where clashes are taking place on the outskirts of the city of Marib,. It called on the international community and human rights organizations to intervene to put an end to “the practices of the aggression coalition and its mercenaries, and to spare civilians and displaced persons from the woes and consequences of the battles .It also called them not being entrenched behind them or using them as human shields and opening safe passages for their exit and security.

The Council affirmed that it is closely following the situation and is making all necessary preparations to receive all displaced families from the city of Marib and provide them with all necessary needs, calling on international organizations to intensify all food and medical needs .

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