Head of the Lands, Survey and Planning Authority: We were able to convert the real estate registry from manual to digital

The head of the General Authority for Land, Survey and Urban Planning, Judge Abdulaziz Al-Ansi, said that the authority had succeeded in converting the real estate registry to a digital system after it was manually during the era of the previous regime.

He explained that, through real estate tax only in 2020, the authority was able to supply the public treasury with more than 4 billion five hundred million riyals, and that the authority was a service and the revenues were mainly directed to the benefit of local authorities.

Al-Ansi indicated that the citizen was suffering from the complexity of the real estate registration mechanism, and there was no automatic system in light of the manual procedures followed and manual databases.

He pointed out that the authority was able during the recent period to convert the real estate registry or real estate map into a digital map to facilitate knowledge of real estate data, and the electronic real estate registry will be announced next Saturday, God willing.

He emphasized that the real estate registry is of great importance in determining and confirming ownership of the original owner, stabilizing real estate trading, and relieving 80% of the disputes pending in the courts.

تليقرام انصار الله
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