Marib reveals the hidden coalition between Al Qaeda ,the aggression

Just as Al-Bayda governorate, which the heroes of the army and the popular committees were able to clear last year, was the main stronghold of takfiri organizations, headed by #al-Qaeda, the governorate of Marib represented the main artery of al-Qaeda in Yemen, due to its proximity to the sources of oil.

It is no longer hidden from anyone the extent to which takfiri organizations identify with the coalition of the American-Saudi aggression and its involvement in the battles against the army and the popular committees, whether in northern or southern Yemen.

According to what was revealed by the British BBC in a television investigation conducted from Taiz governorate several years ago, what reveals that the battle in Yemen in general and Ma’rib in particular is with takfiri groups that work in favor of the aggression.

Recently, the Security and Intelligence Service issued a detailed report on the takfirist organization in Marib, which began with a historical account of the organization’s founding during the war in Afghanistan, to confirm the strength of the relationship that binds al-Qaeda with the United States of America, as well as the Islah party that controls Marib governorate with the support of the Saudi regime, which leads an international coalition against Yemen and Yemenis.

The report confirms that the United States established the takfiri organization because it would not cost it much in the face of the Soviet Union at the time, and it used Wahhabi fatwas to fight what it called the communist tide in Central Asia. America has been using the organization and the Wahhabi fatwa so far to strike indirectly the countries and peoples that face, including Yemen.

Al Qaeda is between the arms of the coalition

The presence of al-Qaeda in Marib governorate is not new, rather it is old, and a large number of relatives of the leaders of Islah Party and Salafi groups are involved in it, and among those names is the brother of the governor of Marib, who is one of the coordinators of al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda has been lining up in the fight against the army and the popular committees in Yemen since the declaration of war on the country six years ago, but the aggression coalition media machine continued to present them as the army of the alleged legitimacy while the aggression leadership gives them official positions in their areas of control and uses money and weapons for them to Achieve what the planes failed to do.

The presence of Al-Qaeda-owned apparatus and equipment in Al-Bayda had previously been revealed, showing its association with foreign intelligence services. This prompted the Americans and British to express their annoyance after the Yemeni army and security managed to eliminate the presence of Al-Qaeda in Al-Bayda governorate and carry out the same mission in Marib.

Marib operation did not come until after the Yemeni intelligence services were able to dismantle a number of spy cells, including the cell linked to British intelligence, which was recently referred to the Yemeni judiciary. Abu al-Hasan al-Masri (al-Sulaymani), a leader in al-Qaeda in Marib, was also shown ,announcing last February that he had joined the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition in the war against what he called the Houthis, in Marib front.

Al-Masry established a school in Marib to introduce extremist teachings. The BBC Arabic website confirms in a report published in December 2009 that this school continues to teach the principles of “Salafi fundamentalism to Yemenis and foreign extremists.
“In March, last year, the leader of the organization, Abu Al-Hassan Al-Marabi, presented a plan to the coalition to confront what he described as Houthis.

The leader of Al Qaeda in the Peninsula, Khaled Batarfi, said in a video that the investigator reviewed, that “everyone who participates in the fronts knows with certainty that we are participating, either in real fighting with our Muslim brothers in Yemen, or by supporting what we can on the fronts,” .While one soldier says The organization is called Abu Abdullah, in another video clip, that he went for the first time to fight with the so-called legitimacy after he was told that he was going to fight Ansarollah on the front affiliated with Al-Qaeda in Marib, and he adds: “After we arrived in Marib, we stayed in Abu Jaham shelter, in Rawda, and Abu Fawaz al-Marabi (the military commander of the organization in Marib) came and said we will go to Sarwah front, so I told them that I would go with them, thinking that there was a front for the organization, but I was surprised that we passed at military points and whenever they stopped us, he told them that he was Abu Fawaz al-Marabi, and they greeted and welcomed him, and so on in all points until we reached the camp,then he contacted the camp commander to get fuel for the car, and after that we continued towards the front.

Abu Abdullah added: “Upon our arrival, Abu Fawaz met with military leaders, and I asked Abu Bakr, who is one of the organization’s soldiers, about the organization’s front, and he said we do not have a front in Sirwah, but when they ask us and need to join us, we come. On the way, Abu Fawaz tells us that the legitimacy has a close attack, and they want soldiers from the organization. After a few days, the attack took place and some members of the organization participated.


The importance of Marib to Al Qaeda

In 2020 AD, the organization formed what was called the Mobilization Committee for the Resistance in the fronts of M’rib and Al-Jawf, headed by “Brigadier General Ali Al-Muhammadi (a former commander in the First Armored Division) and Brigadier General Hussein Omran (formerly commander of the 190 Aviation and Air Defense Brigade in Mukalla, who handed over his camp in Mukalla to Al-Qaeda militants). This committee undertakes the task of delivering support to Al-Qaeda camps and mobilizing the graduates of these camps and transferring them to a number of Marib, Al-Bayda, Al-Jawf and Taiz fronts.

As for the report issued by the intelligence service, it refers to the importance of Marib governorate for the takfiri organizations, as it was the main artery for al-Qaeda and a source of funding for its members in the rest of the governorates, including Al-Bayda governorate, especially Qayfah area. Whereas Marib governorate continued to provide what Al-Qaeda members needed in Al-Bayda in terms of food and oil derivatives, weapons and others, to become after that a main shelter for al-Qaeda leaders and its members after they fled Al-Bayda after it was cleared by the army and the popular committees, which was also the case with the Al-Qaeda organization in Al-Jawf.

And with the coalition of the American-Saudi aggression, the leadership of the organization in the so-called state of Marib established safe shelters in Shabwa governorate, including medical shelters, as well as reception shelters for the families of al-Qaeda member while its members were transported and distributed to the battlefronts in Marib.

The Security and Intelligence Service obtained information indicating that the organization’s leadership in the governorate of Marib will use its members belonging to some of the tribes of Marib to fight under the command of the mercenary forces “the so-called legitimate forces,” as happened in the Murad Mount front, where they supported artillery, made bombs, planted mines, and filled sites with bombs. It pointed out that until that a group of those led by the leader in Al-Qaeda / Munsir Mabkhout Hadi Al-Faqir Al-Moradi, whose nickname was “Zubair Al-Moradi,” are present in the Al-Jouba area at the end of the Murad Mount front.

Al-Qaeda leadership also gathered its fleeing individuals from Al-Jawf governorate in Al-Khasaf area (Al-Marwan) and were transferred to Al-Ruwaik area, and then to the desert areas near Raydan field, and it was assigned to fight with mercenary forces “to open a front in Al-Alam area, where the commander in Al-Qaeda Jalal Ahmad Saad Al-Subaie, known as “Hashid Aldob,”.He was assigned to arrange the ranks of the leadership and individuals of Al-Qaeda in the so-called” Al-Jawf State” with the leader Maneh bin Abdullah Hadhban, known as “Abu Arfaj,” while the leadership of Al-Qaeda seeks to link its individuals on Mount Murad front with its members in Al-Alam Front .

The report said, “Marib State” owns a number of camps, and it varies between advocacy camps only, or military and advocacy camps if they are in a place that is a popular incubator for the organization such as al-Fuqara’a al-Khakhla village, adding that “Ali Shaeb Camp”is located in Murad Mount front. The camp receives members of Al-Qaeda, who will fight with mercenary forces on Abdiyya and Murad Mount fronts.

It pointed out that” Harib area camp “is used by the organization to hold advocacy sessions for“ Al Qaeda ”individuals, noting that“ Al Qaeda ”owns 5 weapons stores in the areas: al-Fuqara’a Al-Khatlah , the farm of the leader Raed bin Ma’ili in the Al-Irq region, the home of the leader“ Moaz Al-Sanaani ”in Al-Hadad, The home of “Khaled Al-Arada” in Karra, and the home of the leader, “Abu Ammar Al-Jahmi”.

The Security and Intelligence Service explained that there are weapons stores in the same area as the “Khaled Al-in Karra region under the supervision of the governor of Marib, who was appointed by the mercenary authorities, “Sultan Al-Arada” and his son Abdullah ,stressing that Al-Qaeda owns two farms in ” Marib State.

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