Russia Warns US, Allies against Worsening Situation in Ukraine

Russia accused the US on Tuesday of deliberately destabilizing the situation in Ukraine via its weapons deliveries.

Speaking to reporters, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned that Moscow will hold authorities in Kiev and its Western backers responsible for any worsening of the security situation in Ukraine.

“The deliveries were made, they continue to be made, the volume of such assistance is increasing. The United States and other NATO countries are deliberately turning Ukraine into a powder keg,” Ryabkov said, speaking to reporters on Tuesday.

The senior diplomat accused Washington in particular of warming up militarist sentiments in Kiev, and engaging in provocations near Russia’s border.

He also warned that Russia would do everything required to ensure its security in the event of an escalation in Ukraine.

Ryabkov also followed up on Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s Monday remarks warning Turkey and other countries not to ‘feed’ Kiev’s “militaristic sentiments,” including via the provision of advanced weaponry, and said that Moscow was discussing this question with Ankara.

He added that reports of the delivery of Turkish drones to the Donbass cannot but be concerning to the Russian side.

Source: Agencies

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