The suffering of the citizens in Marib exacerbated due to mercenary corruption

The city of Marib has been plunged into darkness for about four days as a result of tribal militants preventing the entry of fuel into the city due to the kidnapping of one of their sons by the aggression militia.

A report issued by the Media Center of Marib Governorate stated that thousands of residents are facing suffering in light of the intense heat with the advent of the month of Ramadan, when Islah militia loyal to the aggression was unable to provide fuel for power stations.

He confirmed that the members of the Damascene tribe, which is a branch of the Ubaida tribe, blocked the line linking Safer and the city of Marib and prevented fuel trucks from entering the city . They demanded the mercenary authority to release one of their sons who was kidnapped a few months ago by the mercenary militia.

The report pointed out that the leaders of Islah party loot about forty thousand barrels of saffron oil per day and trade it on the black market or export it, and prevent the people of Marib from benefiting from the oil wealth.

The people of Marib wondered about the fate of Marib gas station, which covered the governorates of the Republic with electricity, and how Islah Party destroyed it and put it out of service for companies affiliated with leaders of the party.It deprived the Yemeni people and the people of the province, especially, of electricity service.

The power cuts and the deterioration of services caused a widespread wave of popular discontent among the people of the province as a result of the corruption of mercenary leaders, their plunder of oil and gas, and the failure to provide basic services to citizens.

The people of Marib considered the inability of the mercenary authority to open the road and restore electricity with the onset of the month of Ramadan amide the high temperatures reaching about 40 degrees, which calls for a popular uprising to stop the Islah’s authority’s tampering and its departure from the governorate.

Residents of the occupied territories suffer from a suffocating fuel crisis, as a result of which citizens’ cars stopped in long lines in front of petrol stations amid great discontent.

The areas under the control of the aggression forces are witnessing a significant increase in prices, which exacerbated the suffering of the citizens as a result of the decline in the value of the currency as a result of the mercenary government printing billions of riyals of illegal currency as the price of the dollar reached the equivalent of 870 riyals.

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