The most prominent features of the Quranic project presented by the leader martyr

First – a corrective project

One of the most prominent features of this Quranic project is that it is corrective .It corrects the reality of the nation, starting from the cultural correction, which is the first step in correcting the reality of the nation .Because it moves based on its convictions, people have convictions, ideas, visions, and act, and they moved based on them in reality.

Therefore, in most of the lessons and lectures presented by the leader martyr, may God be pleased with him; he addressed many misconceptions, both of which were prevalent within the Zaidi sect or outside his sect in general. It is not a criticism for mere criticism, and it is not a matter of attacks at all or not. Contempt at all, not for the purpose of offense, but for the aim of change and correcting the reality in order to fix the bad situation that is bad, as we said unanimously, and the nation reached it .

Second – an enlightening project

One of the most important features of this project is that it is an enlightening light that provides awareness and creates a high awareness and insights towards reality, towards responsibility, towards events, and towards changes through the Holy Qur’which is light that means it gives you the insight that guides you to the correct position, to the right position, and to accurate evaluation, which is true. That is why God Almighty says: “A light and a clear book come to you from God.” This Quranic project is an enlightening and awareness-raising project that results in a high awareness, powerful insight, a correct evaluation, and a realistic reading of events and changes.

Third – moral and ethical

One of the most prominent features of this Quranic project is that it is an ethical and values project that aims to restore the nation again to its Quranic values and morals, because one of the most important things in which our enemies targeted us is in values and in morals. In addition, the fact that there is a great retreat in the existing reality of the nation, which his noticeable to everyone that a great decline in values and in morals. The most important thing in the Noble Qur’an is ethics, morals and the great human, innate and divine values because It is a project that establishes morals and values and works to bring them back to reality to govern the reality of man, his behavior and his actions again.

Fourth: Rising (to make the nation move and work)

One of the most prominent features of the Quranic project is that it is a renaissance project that make the nation move, activate and revive it. It raises the nation to the top from a state of silence to a state of action, from a state of inactivity to a state of moving, then it provides the necessary ingredients for the renaissance of the nation and its extrication from the reality of illusion, weakness, helplessness and backwardness. There is a wide area in the lessons and lectures that talk about the most important elements of renaissance that raise the nation and lift it from its current miserable and unfortunate state.

Fifth: Realistic (matches reality and fits with it)

One of the most important features and characteristics of the Quranic project is that it is realistic. It means that sometimes some may present an ideal project with a goal in the ideal, but it is far from reality, does not correspond to reality, and does not fit the reality, but this project touches the reality, draws realistic milestones in which the nation can move through them and elevate it to the top step by step.

Sixth: Interim

It is also phased; on the one hand, it elevates the nation according to the stages according to the requirements of each stage and what suits it and it keeps pace with developments, the events and the changes.

Seventh: civilized and constructive (provides the necessary ingredients for the Islamic civilization)

It is also a civilizational and a constructive project that was presented by a constructive, civilized, Quranic, project, as it provided from the Holy Qur’an the necessary civilizational components, and this issue is a very important issue. because it many in religious education completely separate religion from life as if it has no connection with life and has no effect and no value in life, and the enemies of Islam try to entrench this misconception, in the general mentality, that religion has no value in the reality of life and that it is only for the hereafter or is a special spiritual state that man lives with God far from reality and away from life. No, God Almighty is the one who created man, and thus he is also the one who decreed his role in life and the role decreed for man in accordance with the correct Quranic concept in life is a civilized but on the basis of God’s guidance and on the basis of values, morals, a message and a meaningful project in this life. Illiteracy, tis project provides the necessary ingredients for the Islamic civilization that we need to for our nation so that it does not remain without a goal and without a project.

Eighth: Proactive vision and credibility

One of the most important features of the Quranic project is the anticipation and credibility of the vision, and the evidences in reality are many with the passage of time and the acceleration of events and the continuity of events and variables. It talked about real dangers, about what the reality of the nation could reach if it did not move and on the nature of the plots and intrigues through which the enemy moves .Thus the time with all variables provided many evidence of the credibility of that vision. The American and Israeli danger increased, and conspiracies including the use of takfiris to spread them as excuses and benefit from them in destroying the internal structure of the nation, and things that resulted from the silence of many and their complicity avoiding responsibility. Many things have been fulfilled in reality, which it had warned about and warned against.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا