Ministry of Interior: 1,562 crimes seized, 190 elements affiliated with aggression arrested during March

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier General Abdul Khaleq Al-Ajri, revealed the achievements of the criminal investigation during the past month of March 2021.

Brigadier General Al-Ajri explained that the General Administration of Criminal Research and its branches in the governorates have achieved great success in controlling crime and reducing its occurrence, as one thousand and 562 different crimes were seized in the capital and the governorates during the same period, while 19 crimes were thwarted before their occurrence.

The investigations and follow-up carried out by the criminal investigation in the capital and the governorates resulted in the seizure of 104 wanted persons for justice, against whom forced arrest warrants were issued.

The investigation procedures and collecting evidence also resulted in the disclosure of the circumstances and ambiguities of 55 crimes committed in previous periods, and the perpetrators were arrested.

As for thwarting the aggression plans, 190 personnel belonging to the US-Saudi aggression were seized.

Brigadier General Al-Ajri stated that the General Administration for Criminal Research has made great efforts in combating crimes of damaging the national economy.

During last March it was able to seize 90 million riyals of counterfeit Yemeni currency, one thousand dollars and 700 counterfeit Saudi riyals, and seize 92 offenses and customs smuggling that varied between smuggling foodstuffs, fertilizers, agricultural pesticides and petroleum products.

In addition, he stated that the Criminal Investigation Department seized 22 crimes of smuggling, possession and promotion of drugs, with seizing 713 kilograms of narcotic hashish, and the seizures were transferred with the accused in possession to the competent authorities.

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