The National Center for Returnees receives 20 returnees , including an official

Today, Tuesday, the National Center for Returnees in Sana’a received 20 deceitful ones, including a member of Parliament, Hamid Al-Jabarti and the commander of the first battalion of the so-called Sixth Brigade, Guards of the Republic, Lieutenant Colonel Haitham Ibrahim Arik, who returned to the homeland from a number of areas and mercenary camps in the border areas and the western coast.

During the reception, the returnees explained that the coalition of aggression and mercenaries are living in a difficult situation after the army and the popular committees managed to kill and confine them to narrow places.

They pointed out that the aggression forces are now accusing their deceived people, especially after they suffered great defeats and losses.

The returnees renewed the call to the rest of the deceived people to benefit from the general amnesty decision to return safely and peacefully to the national ranks .They also call them to work with their colleagues in the army and popular committees to participate in defending national sovereignty against occupiers and mercenaries.

تليقرام انصار الله
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