Staff of the Education Office in Sana’a visit the grave of the martyr Al-Samad

The director of the Education Office in Sana’a, Hadi Ammar, and his deputies, Yahya Al-Qanous, Muhammad Khamis and Tawfiq Taham, and the office’s employees visited today, Tuesday, the grave of the martyr President Saleh Al-Samad and read Al-Fatiha on the souls of the martyr ,his companions and all the martyrs of the homeland.

They emphasized following the path of martyr and his project “A hand protects . a hand builds” to build the state and confront aggression.

Today, the Sana’a Governorate Education Office organized an event to commemorate the anniversary of the martyr under the slogan “A hand protects and a hand builds.”

At the event, in the presence of the Deputy Director of the Education Office, the Director of the Education Office, Hadi Ammar, praised the virtues and sacrifices of the martyr, his principles, his morals and his renaissance project to build the nation.

He stressed the importance of continuing the struggle in the trench of defense of the homeland, calling for the continuation of confronting the Saudi regime’s conspiracies by raising awareness and mobilizing to support the fronts with men and equipment.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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