The Expatriates Ministry condemns the murder of a Yemeni expatriate ,his child in the US

The Ministry of Expatriate Affairs condemned the killing of a Yemeni expatriate in California, USA.

The ministry stated in a statement that, last Saturday, an American gang set fire to the house of Issam Al-Khader, a resident of Ibb governorate, an expatriate in California, which led to his death and his daughter, Soraya Al-Khader (two years), while the rest of the family was transferred to the hospital.

The statement considered this crime a violation of humanitarian law in a country that praises freedom and the protection of human rights.

The Ministry also denounced the Saudi regime’s continued detention of thousands of Yemeni expatriates with their families at Al-Wadiah outlet since March 24, 2021, under the pretext that they own four-wheel drive cars.

It indicated that the Yemeni stranded at the Al-Wadiah outlet live in tragic conditions during the month of Ramadan, which numbers approximately 1,500 expatriates with their families, in addition to the detention of 4,000,000 expatriates who own four-wheel drive cars.

The statement called on the United Nations, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and humanitarian organizations to put an end to these violations and to stand firmly before them.

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