The aggression brings takfiri groups to Abyan after their participation in fighting in Afghanistan ,Syria

Yesterday, Tuesday, media sources revealed that dozens of so-called takfiri al-Qaeda militants had returned to Abyan, who had been outside the country for many years.

The sources pointed out that the American-Saudi aggression and Islah militia recently brought in those individuals that participated in fighting in Syria and Afghanistan, and they are criminal individuals required by the security services.

The sources said: These extremist takfiri individuals have been noticed their spread and presence in some areas of Abyan during the last period, especially with the increase in tension in Ahwar Directorate militarily between the forces of Fugitive Hadi and Islah party and between the so-called transitional militia, loyal to the Emirati occupation.

The sources confirmed the presence of the leader of the so-called “black flags” organization affiliated with the so-called al-Qaeda terrorist organization. They called Abu Safiya al-Abini, in Lauder district in Abyan, indicating that takfiri ,Abu Safia, was fighting in al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and then returned to Yemen and then left it again To Syria, where he fought with the ranks of the Takfiri organizations that fought against the Syrian army with the support and funding of Saudi and Emirati.

They added that the takfiri, returning from Syria, was spotted accompanied by groups belonging to the terrorist organization on a mass transit bus on the international line in Abyan towards Al-Soumaa district, south of Al-Bayda governorate. It confirms that Riyadh brought them to participate in the fighting in the battles of Marib after Islah militia and the aggression forces suffered heavy losses In lives and equipment under the blows of the heroes of the army and the popular committees.

تليقرام انصار الله
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