Ansarollah Political Bureau condemns the Zionist attacks against worshipers in Jerusalem

On Friday, Ansarollah political office condemned the Zionist criminal attacks against Palestinian worshipers in the occupied city of Jerusalem committed by the usurper Zionist occupation police and settler gangs several days ago during this holy month. It resulted the day before yesterday and yesterday in dozens of wounded and the arrest of a number of Palestinian citizens.

In a statement, it praised the Palestinian popular movements in confronting the ongoing attacks that targeted the faithful praying in occupied Jerusalem, and broke the military measures and the state of siege and restrictions on worshipers in a heroic stance that terrified the Zionists and shook the occupiers.

It affirmed its firm stance towards the Palestinian cause and its oppressed people, and its complete stand with the mujahideen and the resistance movements. It also confirmed its sought on their hands that were pressing the trigger in standing one line against the Zionist criminality and arrogance ,stressing that what was taken by force will not return except by force.

It made clear that the Zionists must realize that we are one nation and in one position, and Palestine and Jerusalem are the first and central issue and the true and unifying compass of the Arab and Islamic nation.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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