Head of the national delegation to the mercenaries: “Save yourselves before losing the opportunity”

The head of the national delegation, Mohammed Abdlusalam, called on mercenaries at home to save themselves from blind dependence on the foreign support in our country.


On Saturday, Abdusalam tweeted that “19 raids within few hours on Sarwah, in an intense air cover by the US-Saudi aggression, and every day dozens of air raids, but all not giving the mercenaries any advantage.”


He emphasized that there are raids targeting the mercenaries, resulting in high number of causalities. He is advising them to save themselves “from the blind dependency of on the support of foreigners” in the country and “return to your people before losing the opportunity to do so.”


It should be noted that dozens of raids by the US-Saudi aggression have targeted gatherings of the mercenaries on most fronts over the past six years, killing and wounding hundreds of them, including leaders, in contrast to the aggression’s air strikes that deliberately targeted war prisoners (used to fight in the Saudi side.)


Abdusalam has commented earlier about the peace process indicating that the continuation of the aggression and siege is painful, Abdulsalam said. “But we have no choice but to confront the US-Saudi aggression.”


“We have not yet noticed any seriousness to stop the Saudi-led aggression, and we do not consider any call for peace to be serious unless it includes the complete lifting of the siege,” he added.

تليقرام انصار الله
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