Yemeni officials inaugurate two projects for Eid clothing ,al-Fitr Zakat for 400,000 poor families

Members of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi and Muhammad Saleh Al-Nuaimi, and Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs, Mahmoud Al-Junaid, inaugurated ,today, Sunday in Sana’a, Eid and Al-Fitr Zakat clothing projects, which are implemented by the General Authority of Zakat.

Under the slogan “Takaful and Empowerment”, the two projects target 400,000 poor and needy families in the capital’s secretariat and the governorates, that cost eight billion riyals, as part of the authority’s projects during the holy month.

On the sidelines of the inauguration, the members of the Supreme Political Council ,Al-Houthi and Al-Nuaimi, and the Deputy Prime Minister Al-Junaid, along with the Minister of State Nabih Abu Nashtan, the Secretary of the Capital Hammoud Abbad and the President of the General Authority for Zakat, Sheikh Shamsan Abu Nashtan, inaugurated the Eid clothing exhibition, which targets 200 thousand families, that cost four billion riyals.

The member of the Supreme politician , al-Houthi, praised the role of merchants and their contribution to such projects that alleviate the suffering of poor, needy and displaced families and others. He called on merchants to go with the Zakat Authority to ensure that their zakat reaches the beneficiaries within its eight targets.

He praised the role of the authority in sponsoring the exhibition and everyone who contributed to Zakat payable in this exhibition.

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