Minister of Information: Yemenis living a reality of pride because of their attachment to Allah

The Minister of Information, Dhaif Allah al-Shami, said that the people of Yemen live in a reality of pride for their connection to God and their pride in the Qur’anic culture and faith identity.

Minister Al-Shami indicated during a Ramadan evening in the district of Maban in Hajjah, in the presence of Governor Hilal Al-Sufi and the local secretary-general of the governorate, Ismail Al-Muhaim, to the importance of taking advantage of the holy month by providing piety and guidance in order for the nation to achieve success and victory.

He mentioned that acts of worship are related to jihad, confronting the enemies of Allah, and moving as a nation and a project in order to be pleased with Allah.He indicated that confrontation with Allah’s enemies requires more sacrifices.

The Minister affirmed keenness to be associated with the flags of guidance who raise the heads of the Yemenis and invite them for good and righteousness and want them to have a decent life, pointing out the importance of the Ramadan evenings and programs to remember Allah and be provided with his guidance and piety.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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