A training course in Ibb on the dangers of mines, bombs and air strikes

Today, Tuesday, Ibb governorate started a training course on community awareness of the dangers of mines, cluster bombs, air strikes and remnants of war. It was implemented by the Executive Center for Mine Action in cooperation with the Office of Social Affairs and Labor.

The four-day course, funded by UNICEF, aims to provide 30 trainees from volunteers and candidates of non-governmental organizations in the districts of Al-Dhahar, rural Ibb, Al-Nadera, Al-Sabra, Yarim and Dhi Al-Sufal, skills on methods of conveying emergency awareness messages to local communities and displaced people about the dangers of mines and remnants of war due to aggression.

It indicated that Yemen would have been declared free of mines and explosives, but the aggression against it returned it to the square of countries surrounded by mines and explosives, indicating that 100 citizens were killed or injured as a result of mines and explosives during the past month in various regions of the country.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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