After Years of Aggression and Siege, most of Yemen’s workers Lost Jobs

The Yemeni Workers Union affirmed that the US-Saudi aggression targeted industrial and productive facilities, and led to most factories and institutions out of readiness, the accumulation of unemployment, the loss of workers to their jobs, and the imposition of a land, sea and air blockade of economic activity.

In a recent report, issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the aggression on Yemen more than six years ago caused 5 million workers to lose their jobs, while the Yemeni Workers Union estimates that the proportion of those who lost their jobs is about 80% of the workforce in the country.

The report it mentioned that targeting the banking sector led to the loss of confidence of domestic and foreign depositors and the withdrawal of deposits from banks, which had a major impact on cash liquidity, the rise in the exchange rate, and the loss of large amounts of money in all Yemeni banks.

The targeting of the oil and minerals sector by the UAE, the blockade and the closure of outlets for the entry of oil and supply derivatives and the detention of fuel tankers caused their prices to rise and overburdened the citizen in general, and caused losses and damages estimated by the Federation of Yemeni Trade Unions at about $ 23 billion and the stoppage and migration of 40 oil companies between productivity and exploratory.

As well as about one million and 200 thousand government employees, respectively, live in harsh suffering due to the suspension of their salaries and the lack of any other sources of income to help them meet their needs, as they support families whose members number about 5 million people.

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