Interior releases a detailed report on al-Qaeda activity in Marib

The Interior Ministry issued a report on the activity of #al-Qaeda organization in Marib، explaining that the relationship of the criminal groups (the so-called Al-Qaeda، ISIS and others) with the aggression is no longer hidden from anyone، as they have become part of its military formations.

The Ministry revealed that it recently monitored intense movements of the aggression and its mercenaries to mobilize and bring in a number of so-called al-Qaeda individuals to support the mercenaries on Marib front, fill the deficit amid the fighters’ ranks, and try to preserve sites under the control of mercenaries in the governorate.

It also revealed the sites and fronts in Marib, which the aggression mercenaries handed over its leadership to al-Qaeda. The Ministry made it clear that through security follow-up operations of the movements of mercenary leaders as well as leaders of the so-called al-Qaeda, it was able to monitor the recent meetings between the two sides and their practical results and outputs from them. They were as follows:

First: At the beginning of last February 2021 AD, a joint meeting was held for a number of mercenary leaders and al-Qaeda leaders, whereas mercenary leaders who attended:

1- The mercenary leader / Ismail Bahbeih.
2- The mercenary leader / Abd al-Hadi Abd al-Latif Nimran.
3 – The mercenary leader / Abd al-Wahid Abd al-Latif al-Qibli.
4 – The mercenary leader / Dhiab Al-Qibli.
Among the leaders of the “al Qaeda” are:

One-The leader Abd al-Latif al-Sayed.
Two-The leader Abu Mishaal.
3-The leader Abu Hudhaifa.
4-The leader Abu Al-Samh Iyad Al-Hashadi.

At the meeting, it was agreed on the following:

* Handing over a number of fronts to the leaders and individuals of “al-Qaeda”.

* Linking the leaders of the so-called al-Qaeda that responsible on Murad and Balag fronts with the joint operations of the aggression coalition and its mercenaries in Marib.
Facilitating the passage of Al-Qaeda individuals from the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa to Marib.

* Adopting a stable financial mechanism to disburse financial expenditures and dues for the individuals of the organization participating in the fronts of Marib.
* Providing individuals and leaders of the so-called organization with thermal missiles.

* The two parties also agreed to assign the leader in al-Qaeda ,called Abu Hudhaifa, along with the leader of the aggression mercenaries in Marib, called Noureddine, to visit the its individuals in Hazmieh and coordinate with the leader of the Salafi group, called “Abu Ubaidah Al-Dhali”, to arrange transferring “al Qaeda” individuals who were present in Hazmieh to Marib.

* On the same day of the meeting, the mercenary Sadiq Saeed, the commander of the Sixth Battalion in the so-called Second Brigade, Guardians of the Republic, was contacted to hand over the Falaj point to the individuals of the so-called al-Qaeda.

In mid-February, Al-Qaeda militants began to be brought in from the governorates of Al-Bayda, Al-Dhale’e, Abyan, and Aden.

The leader in al-Qaeda, Ammar Abdullah Abd al-Qawi al-Hamiqani, moved to the governorate of Aden to coordinate with the leaders of the aggression coalition, headed by the leader called Jalal al-Rubaie, the commander of Al-Anad Operations Camp and the mercenary Saleh Qasim al-Haddi. He received the required support from the mercenary leaders of the aggression in Aden to mobilize the organization’s individuals there to reinforce the mercenaries of Marib.

On February 19, 2020, all the individuals of the so-called al-Qaeda, who were in the prisons of the aggression mercenaries, were sent to the sites and hills. On the same day, the leader in the organization called Iyad Al-Hashidi arrived with a large group of al-Qaeda members who were in Hazmieh, and the transfer operations of al-Qaeda members to Marib fronts continued, most notably the following:

– On February 26, 2021 AD, groups of al-Qaeda arrived in Ma’rib to reinforce the mercenaries at Al-Sadd front towards Al-Zour area from the complex side.

– On February 27, 2021 AD, the hypocrite Iyad Al-Hashidi told to the leader in the organization Saddam Abu Mutaib, Abu Mashaal and Abu Al-Harith, that a number of the organization’s members coming from Abyan and Aden were sent to the government compound.
– On February 28, 2021 AD, a group of Al-Qaeda members arrived at Ksara front.

– On March 5, 2021 AD, al-Qaeda members were transferred to stay in Bani Dabyan area, where the leader of the organization called “Saddam Hussein Salem Al-Awlaki arranged that.


The combat tasks assigned to “Al-Qaeda” members:
The Interior Ministry, through its investigations, revealed that, the aggression coalition had entrusted the leaders of Al Qaeda members on Marib fronts to carry out various military tasks as follows:

A- The tasks of supervising the mobilization and transferring al-Qaeda members to the fronts.These tasks were entrusted to a number of al-Qaeda leaders.

B – The tasks of supervising the preparation and planting of IEDs these tasks were entrusted to a number of al-Qaeda leaders.

C- The tasks of monitoring supervision, which were devolved into a number of al-Qaeda leaders.

D – The tasks of overseeing the supply and providing logistical support to a number of Marib fronts, which were devolved to a number of Al Qaeda leaders.

Third / the fronts in Marib, in which Al-Qaeda members participate and lead:

The Interior Ministry stated that through monitoring that al-Qaeda members were participating in fighting within the ranks of theaAggression coalition and leading a number of fronts, including:
1- Murad Mount and al-Alam front, which is led by the so-called “Zubair al-Mouradi”. who is of the leaders of Al Qaeda in Marib.

2 – Al-Balq, Murad and Dhanna Mount front, led by the leader in the organization called “Miqdad Al-Mouradi” and the leader called “Abd al-Rahman Muhammad al-Shahri,” known as Abu Hudhaifa.

3- Al-Sad, Al-Zour and Black Hills Front, which is located on the valley of Dhanna, Marib Dam, which is led by: the leader of the organization called “Jaafar Abu Al-Layl” and the leader called “Abu Al-Harith”.

4- The government compound, in which a number of al-Qaeda members are present,who has been assigned to receive the organization’s members coming to Marib from other governorates.

5- Al- Juba Front, in which a number of leaders are present, the most prominent of whom are: The called Suleiman Al-Zarqawi, the one named Abu Laith Al-San`ani, and the one called Abu Al-Hassan Al-Dhahri.

6- Serwah front, in which there are groups of al-Qaeda organization led by “Abd al-Ghaffar Abu Turab.

7 – Al-Kasara front, led by the aggression mercenaries and one of the leaders of al Qaeda , who has been entrusted with the tasks of command and control.

تليقرام انصار الله
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