Hodeidah … Receiving the returnee,Brigadier General,from the Republican Guard

Quting from al-masirah, The local authority in Hodeidah governorate received Brigadier General Haitham Salem Arik, the commander of a battalion in the Sixth Brigade of the Republican Guard, after his defection from the forces of mercenary Tariq Afash in the western coast.

During the reception, Acting Governor Mohammad Qahim praised the return of those who have been misguided by the aggression to the homeland, after the plans of the countries of aggression and the mercenaries to control Yemen were revealed.

Qahim emphasized the keenness of the Leader of the Revolution and the political leadership to ensure the safety of all the people of the homeland and to provide facilities for the returnees, whether by prior coordination or during their arrival at the army and popular committee points.

He called on those who are still in the line of aggression to benefit from the amnesty decision to return to their families and regions.

For his part, member of the Shura Council, Abdulrahman Makram, said, “Reaching the number of thirteen thousand returnees confirms the sincerity of the authorities in Sana’a and securing the arrival of returnees to their areas with ease, away from the misinformation and media intimidation practiced by the forces of aggression and mercenaries.”

Meanwhile, the returnee, Brigadier General Haitham Arik, revealed the desire of officers and soldiers from many fronts in the West Coast, to return to the homeland by taking advantage of the general amnesty decision and coordination is underway for them.

Sana’a has issued a general amnesty decision early in 2017 and opened the way for the deceived to return to the homeland. It opened its arms to receive officers and soldiers, who gave up the fighting with the Saudi-led coalition and returned, providing them with safety, protection and care.

The National Center for Returnees revealed in its latest statistics that the center received five hundred returnees during January 2021, while the number of returnees during 2020 reached four thousand returnees.

Regarding the number of returnees registered in the National Center database, the Center stated that their number since the issuance of the general amnesty decision until December 2020 reached 12,000 returnees.

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