Sayyed. al-Houthi: The Israeli enemy’s battle with us is comprehensive, and based on stripping us of the power elements

Sayyed. Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi stressed in his speech, Thursday, on the occasion of International Jerusalem Day, that the battle of the Israeli enemy with us is comprehensive, and the strategy it adopts in confronting us is to strip us of all elements of moral and material strength in a way that facilitates complete control over us at the lowest cost . He explained that the Israeli enemy seeks to reach to make us obey him and a tool for him and to invest all our capabilities.

Sayyed pointed out that the Israeli enemy seeks to change our attitude towards it and to gain our loyalty while it bears hostility towards us and continues to seek to control us. It also seeks to make us a lost nation at all levels and through its methods and agents, even to plant stray beliefs amid the nation.

Sayyed explained that the media activity of the Zionists is based on falsification of facts, mainly influencing public opinion. The Zionists also work on misinformation and in research centers, and some Arab regimes rely on them ,so they provide them with incorrect advice. In addition , the Zionists work to spread corruption at all sides, foremost among which is moral corruption and ending with the seperating families and societies, because this serves them in striking the morale of the nation.

Sayyed. Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi said: The Zionists are keen to divide the nation, and they have succeeded in creating political barriers,and employing sectarian differences, then they encourage every nation to further disunion, adding that the enemy has worked to drown the nation in its problems, and are working to strip it of all elements of economic strength. They, in addition, have a great role in making our nation as a consumer rather than a productive one , and seek to influence the economic trends and policies , making sure our nation can’t rise scientifically.

Sayyed added that the Zionists are working hard to prevent the nation from possessing military capabilities, meanwhile , they have Nuclear weapon and the deadliest weapon.They are also working hard to prevent our nation from acquiring military capabilities, and this is what we view in their annoyance with Iran, our Yemeni people , the capabilities they have acquired, and the arsenal of Hezbollah and the Palestinian fighters.

Sayyed pointed out that they allow our nation’s regimes to have sufficient military capabilities to carry out their plots only..
He continued, “With all the conspiracies of the Zionists, their large and daily criminal record, and their continuous targeting of the nation, they present the title“ peace ”for deception only, explaining that the peace offered by the Zionists has no actual content other than surrender to them and the implementation of their plans and plots.

Three imperatives

Sayyed explained that the Israeli enemy no matter what it did, we reach the three imperatives: the defeat and fall of this enemy, the loss of its loyalists, and the victory of God’s faithful servants and those who depend on him … stressing that we must work to fortify our inner society and activate the boycotting weapons for American and Israeli goods. He explained that the boycott weapon is effective and that every person can do it, and it is one of the least thing that must be done.

Sayyed emphasized that the direction of being agents to the enemy is a losing trend, and the stagnation position means surrender, empowering the enemy and restraining the nation.

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