Yemeni officials visit the conditions of the Yemeni army, popular committees on the West Coast

The Assistant Minister of Defense for Human Resources, Major General Ali Muhammad Al-Kahlani, and the Director of the Military Intelligence Department, Brigadier General Ali Muhammad Abu Halika, inspect ,today, Wednesday, the conditions of the army and the popular committees stationed in a number of advanced sites on the West Coast and Abs.

During the visit, they with them the Deputy Director of the Personnel Affairs Department, Brigadier General Fayez Al-Hazmi, conveyed to them the congratulations and greetings of the revolutionary, political and military leadership on this occasion.

They level of combat readiness and the progress of carrying out the combat tasks assigned to them.They also praised the combat readiness and high morale of the fighters that they saw, which gives pride and confirms the level of readiness to achieve victory over the forces of aggression.

While the army and the popular committees expressed their thanks for their visit and sharing the joys of the Eid in the sites of honor and heroism .They also stressed that they have no choice but to win and cleanse all the lands of the Republic of Yemen from the invaders and their mercenaries.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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