Aggression mercenaries in Marib torture a prisoner to death

Today, Sunday, the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs confirmed that the aggression mercenaries in Marib tortured the prisoner Kahlan Abdul Hakim Al-Rumim until he died .

It said in a statement, “During the implementation of a prisoner exchange deal with mercenaries two weeks ago, we were surprised by the handover of the prisoner Kahlan Abdul Hakim Hassan Al-Rameem,” as a lifeless body with traces of torture, and after examining the body by a forensic doctor, it was confirmed for us that he was killed due to torture.

It condemned the aggression’s mercenaries ’crime , blaming the leadership of the aggression and their mercenaries in Marib with moral and legal responsibility, stressing that the recurrence of crimes against the prisoners is a natural result of the silence of the United Nations and its organizations operating in Yemen.

It called the UN envoy for condemning this crime and putting pressure on the aggression forces and their mercenaries to stop these criminal practices against the prisoners, and to implement all the agreements signed under their auspices.Especially the Sweden Agreement, in which everyone committed to good deal with the prisoners, respect their legitimate rights, and conduct a comprehensive and complete exchange of all prisoners.

It also called on local and international organizations to condemn these crimes and their perpetrators and to prosecute them legally until they obtain their deterrent punishment.

تليقرام انصار الله
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