Yemeni President congratulates his Lebanese counterpart on the day of resistance ,liberation

His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council, sent a telegram to congratulate the President of the Lebanese Republic, Michel Aoun and the Lebanese people, on the occasion of the Resistance and Liberation Day.
It says:

I offer you and the Lebanese people my warmest congratulations on the 21st Day of Resistance and Liberation to expel the occupation and liberate Lebanon. As it was the first liberation of occupied Arab land under the blows of the resistance and the defeat of the Israeli occupation without restrictions or conditions.

The liberation of southern Lebanon was a practical testament to the feasibility of the resistance over all other failed settlement options .They did not regain any right, but rather wasted rights and gave the enemy more time to devote its occupation and increase its power at the expense of the nation’s issues, its dignity and independence.

Indeed, after the nation suffered calamities and setbacks, the Day of Resistance and Liberation came to end the time of defeats and to open the time of victories.It is an honor for Lebanon and its resistance that they gave the nation hope for liberation and independence.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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