Foreign Minister: The aggression countries creats the worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, met today, Tuesday, the Director of the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Yemen, Ayman Makki.

In the meeting, the Minister affirmed the firm position of the political leadership in Sana’a, which stems from the principle of achieving peace for the Yemeni people in a complete and sustainable manner, represented by a comprehensive ceasefire and lifting the blockade.It included allowing ships loaded with oil derivatives, domestic gas and commercial goods to enter Hodeidah port without restrictions and reopening Sanaa International Airport to all commercial and civil flights.

He pointed out the importance of these steps, as they are considered necessary to prepare for the subsequent holding of negotiations that include all parties to reach a sustainable political settlement.

The Minister indicated that ending the military aggression and the exit of foreign forces from Yemeni lands and lifting the blockade imposed on the Republic of Yemen will contribute to achieve the appropriate atmosphere for any negotiations between the various parties.It included the aggressor countries that created the worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen over the past six years, leading to an investigation, comprehensive settlement and maintenance of peace and security in the region.

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