Three citizens killed in a Saudi bombing on Munabbih district ,Saada

Today, Friday, three citizens were killed in the artillery shelling of the Saudi army on Munabbah district in Saada governorate.

A local source clarified that the Saudi army targeted Al-Raqo area in Munabbah district with many missiles and artillery, which led to the death of three citizens and damage to a number of houses .It added that the dead arrived at the Republic Hospital in the governorate center, where their injuries were in the head and abdomen, which caused their death immediately.

A security source in the governorate said that the Saudi enemy forces targeted Al-Raqq area in Munabbih district with artillery shells, which led to the death of three boys and damage to citizens’ properties.

Names of the dead:

1- Nashwan Al Ahmadi

2- Bashar Al-Ammadi

Riad Ahmed Sharaf

The source denounced the crimes committed by the Saudi army against the sons of Munabbih border directorate .It explained that the total number of dead and wounded from Munabbah district by the Saudi army’s fire during the current month of May reached 27 citizens, of whom 13 were dead and 14 wounded.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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