Jizan – scenes of cleansing dozens of Saudi army sites in a large-scale offensive operation

The Yemenia army and the popular committees, with God’s help and support, carried out a large-scale offensive operation in “Al-Khouba – Wadi Jarah” axis in the Jizan from 3 main tracks on the Saudi army positions .They were in “MBC Mount – Al-Fekhaida hells, Al-Bayda hell– Al-Qamburah, Al-Amoud, Tawaleq and Sharq Qaim Sayyab.” “During the operation, progress was made and it was completely under control, and heavy losses were amid the enemy forces.

The operation began after careful monitoring of the movements of the Saudi army and the positioning of its forces and mechanisms.Joint forces from the Saudi forces, Sudanese mercenaries and units of the so-called “Commando Brigade” were present there.

The scenes showed the advance of the Yemeni army and the popular committees towards the enemy’s positions in the city of Al-Khubah in the Saudi depth. They were able – by the help of God – to cross the obstacles and hostile fortifications before closing and clashing with the enemy forces from close distances and inflicting heavy losses on the enemy that forced him to flee.

The documented scenes showed sniping numbers of enemy forces and the destruction of their fortifications and positions.They indicated a state of panic and great confusion among their forces due to the vicious strikes.

The were also able to inflict heavy losses on the enemy in lives and equipment, inflicting dozens of deaths and injuries from the Saudi and Sudanese army and their mercenaries, and burning and destroying dozens of armored vehicles and vehicles with lighters, bullets and heavy blows.

The scenes showed that a number of Saudi regime army officers and soldiers fell dead and wounded in tight ambushes targeting armored vehicles that tried to escape and other enemy reinforcements.They also showed deaths of others who fell while trying to escape from rugged slopes in a situation that reflected the great terror and panic among them.

The scenes showed seizing dozens of enemy forces, including Saudis and Sudanese, and large numbers of corpses scattered in reefs and valleys, left by those who remained and fled.

The scenes documented seizing large quantities of various weapons and ammunition left by the enemy forces in their locations and stores.

The hostile forces suffered a major setback, as a large number of them were killed, wounded and captured. The rest of them fled towards the valley behind the sites, to Dar al-Nasr, al-Sharafi hells ,the village of al-Dahrah, and then al-Sheikh hells.They were pursued – with God’s help – to the places they fled to and cleared them.

Process paths

First path- MBC Mountain:

In this path, the Saudi army positions in MBC mountain were attacked from three secondary paths, from the south of the mountain to the MBC survey, from behind it to the center, and from the northern side to the top of the mountain, wrestling full control over it after securing its surroundings.

The second path- “Al-Fekhayda and Al-Bayda” hells:

The attack on the positions of the Saudi army stationed in “Al-Fakhida and Al-Bayda” hells from two sub-paths, and they were successfully controlled.

The third route – north of the white hill and east of the village of Qaim Al-Sayyab:

The attack on the positions of the Saudi army located north of the White Hill, as well as the sites located east of the village of Qaim al-Sayyab, from two secondary paths, and they were controlled.

The operation ended – by the help of God – with the control of all the aforementioned sites and the abuse of the enemy and inflicting heavy losses on it, killing, wounding and capturing dozens of them despite the participation of hostile warplanes and helicopters, which failed to stop their advance .

The operation took place with the participation of all the specialized and operational departments, and the effective integration of the various military units played a major role in the success of the operation and achieving victory with God’s help and support.Victory is only from God.

Enemy losses :

– Destroying and burning 29 armored vehicles and vehicles “documented by war camera only”

– More than 80 Saudi army officers and soldiers, Sudanese mercenaries and hypocrites were killed and wounded

Dozens of enemy forces were captured and wounded.

Seizing large quantities of various weapons and ammunition, including night vision goggles.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا