The field plan of cleansing 30 military sites in Jizan

In one of the largest operations of the army and the popular committees, during which dozens of sites were cleared, dozens of military vehicles were burned, and hundreds of enemy soldiers and mercenaries were killed, wounded and captured.The army and the popular committees revealed the field plan for the major military operation in Jizan , which ended with the clearance of 30 military sites.

The information confirmed that the operation took three main and simultaneous paths, which ended – with the help of God and his support – by clearing more than 30 sites and imposing full control over them and expelling the enemy forces stationed there from the mercenaries of the Sudanese army and the mercenaries of the aggression, and inflicting heavy losses on them in number and equipment.

The information added that the operation began with a careful monitoring of the enemy’s sites and gathering its mechanisms, after which they advanced to storm the enemy’s sites from three tracks as follows:

The first track – off the mountain of Dood:

The route included dozens of sites, including “The Defense Hill (Al-Rardha) and the surrounding sites from several directions -Al-Sayad site ,the surrounding sites east of Al-Dood mountain- Al-Safieh Hill – Tahlia site – AL-Shabakah site and its surrounding sites – Al-Gamamah Hill and its adjacent heights – the areas surrounding Malahit area — Amin 1 Hill

The second track – off Al-Rumaih mountain:

The route included both “Sha’fan Hill and the neighboring sites – Al Khazzan and Al Alam Hill– Dahr Al Hammar mountain – Al Manzala.”

The third track – off Jahfan mountain:

The route includes a number of sites, including “AL-Hamra Hill – al-Sarkha mountain and its surrounding sites — AL-Shabakah Mountain — AL-Sawda Hill — Amer mountain — al-Amudin Hills’ sites— al-Misyar Hills — al-Salam site — al-Dhafira site.”

The operation ended with the control of all the aforementioned sites and the abuse on the enemy and inflicting heavy losses on them,in addition to killing, wounding and capturing dozens of them despite the participation of the hostile warplanes and helicopters, which failed to stop the advance of the Yemeni army and popular committees.

The operation took place with the participation of all the specialized and operational departments, and the effective integration of the various military units played a major role in the success of the operation and achieving victory with God’s help and support.

Video documenting the military operation

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