The oil company holds the United Nations ,the aggression countries responsible for the suffering of the Yemeni people

The clean committees of the Yemeni Oil Company demanded the United Nations to release the detained fuel ships, not to ignore the laws and humanitarian appeals, and to return to the Law of the Sea Convention, which criminalizes piracy on fuel and medicine ships.

They denounced the maritime piracy of the aggression on fuel ships and the continuous violations of international and humanitarian laws.

A statement issued by the stand condemned the shameful international silence towards the crimes of the aggression against the people of Yemen.It also blamed the United Nations and the countries of the aggression led by America responsible for the situation and the increasing suffering of the Yemeni people.

It pointed to the importance of the vigils to expose the United Nations to the world about the crimes committed against the Yemeni people.It stressed the continuation of sit-ins and vigils until the legitimate demands of the Yemeni people are achieved, mainly is the release of fuel ships and lifting the siege.

The participants called on the free people of the world, the international community, unions, human rights and civil organizations, and local and international mass federations to carry out their duty of solidarity with the Yemeni people and their legitimate demands, and to put pressure on the coalition of aggression to lift the siege and allow the entry of fuel ships.

The statement explained that the forces of the aggression are still holding five oil ships, including a ship loaded with diesel and four ships loaded with a quantity of (116,236) tons of gasoline and diesel for varying periods, which amounted to more than six months of sea piracy for the currently detained ships.

The company confirmed that these ships had completed the inspection procedures through the mechanism of the verification and inspection mission in Djibouti and obtained UN permits, confirming that the cargo conforms to the conditions stipulated in the verification and inspection mechanism.

The statement pointed out that the continuation of piracy and its catastrophic repercussions must be matched by a serious and tangible move by the United Nations, as it is the international body concerned with facilitating the entry of imports of basic goods.

The oil company stressed that the international role is still just ink on paper, which contradicts the most basic principles of protection and humanitarian relief.

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