The Zionist and American aggression forces share the defeats …. From Palestine to Yemen

For nearly a whole century, the Zionist enemy has been practicing daily killing, displacing, exterminating, and mass displacing the people of Palestine with full Western support and complicity, taking advantage of the state of Arab fragility and weakness and exploiting the betrayal of the Arab regimes and selling them the Palestinian cause and their abandonment of the Palestinian people .The people for many years endured the pain of let down and the aggressor colonialist, but this people did not surrendered, but continued to confront the Zionist entity by all means, from stones, to missiles and drones.

What distinguishes the stage is that the Zionist entity is no longer alone in practicing attacks and waging wars against the Arab peoples, but rather it has partners from the Arabs themselves who practice the ugliest forms of abuse. The Saudi regime and its Emirati counterparts do against the Yemeni people crimes that exceed what the Zionist entity does for the entity and its plots.

What was revealed further was when we found the American tools in the region meeting on the stage of cooperation and coordination with the Zionist entity and declaring with all rudeness its support for the usurping entity and its continuous aggression against the Palestinian people. These traitorous regimes see their survival depends on them and integrate with them politically, culturally, in the media, and at all levels, with American encouragement and support. As the Zionists supported the aggression against Yemen, the Saudi and Emirati regime returned the favor to them and supported them in their recent aggression on Gaza, but how was the result?
The Zionist enemy shares in its continuous aggression against the children of Palestine with the Saudi regime and its Emirati side in their aggression against the Yemeni people in that they have wagered heavily on weakness and lack of capabilities that the Yemeni and Palestinian peoples suffer from. This was tempting for them to launch a comprehensive aggression against the two peoples, even if they differed in timing, but they both did not differ in goals, yet the surprises were stronger than all the expectations drawn by those criminal aggressors.

On the Yemeni arena, the Yemeni people have remained steadfast, which the language cannot express, and words are unable to draw a picture of its mythical images. During six years, the invaders and aggressors were taught what they did not expect, and they tasted the humiliation of defeats, shame and disappointment. On the Palestinian level, “Israel” With its usual arrogance and unprecedented reassurance, believe that the ongoing weddings of normalization with some Arab regimes would make it easy to deal a cruel blow to the Palestinian resistance, but it was surprised that the Palestinian rockets turned the sky of the Zionist settlements into an unprecedented and unexpected hell that ended with a defeat that it had not suffered since its establishment.

It can be said that there are many common denominators between the Yemeni and Palestinian peoples, but in this particular period, they meet mainly in the same grievance, as both of them are attacked by the forces of arrogance, hypocrisy and betrayal from within the nation. Because the Yemeni people have been distinguished over being with the Palestinian issue what made the entity well aware that the Yemeni people’s path with the Palestinian cause is unacceptable to them, especially with the emergence of the Quranic project. Therefore, it began weaving conspiracies and pushes towards confronting the Yemeni awakening that was propagated by the project launched by the martyr leader, which considered the slogan one of the most important and prominent that angered the entity and its tools. Then, the six wars on Saada, some, and what followed took place until the hypocrisy forces that were behind the previous regime launched a direct aggression under the auspices and planning of the United States and the Zionist, British, and French support.
The leader of the revolution, Sayyed. Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi has indicated more than once that one of the main motives for the aggression against the Yemeni people is their standing with the Palestinian cause.

The Zionist aggression on Gaza was not the first of its kind, but it was preceded by a similar aggression in (2008) and another one in 2012, followed by another in 2014 AD, bur what distinguishes the last one is that the Palestine resistance achieved a great victory. Sayyed Abdulmalik described that it did so despite the great support for the Zionist enemy by America, Britain, France and many countries, including countries and regimes that are affiliated with the Arab countries, most notably the Emirati and Saudi regimes. They declared in public their hostility to the Palestinian people and their support for the usurping entity.

However, the shocking response of the resistance surprised the entity and revealed its fragility, and the Palestinians proved that they are able to respond harshly, and the missile force has effectively emerged in the Palestinian deterrence against the Zionist enemy. So that the entity entered into complete paralysis during the ten days of aggression, which made it resort as usual to contact the well-known mediators when the Palestinian response hurts it.

In “al-Quds Sword” epic, the Palestinians revealed qualitative missile capabilities, including long-range missiles, the “developed Qasim” missile. It is a qualitative missile that the Al-Quds Brigades brought into service during the battle on May 14, 2021 AD. This upgraded missile carries an explosive warhead weighing 400 kilograms. TNT grams and the range of the killer is 200 meters, and it is used in many military tasks, most notably the demolition of military masses and Zionist soldiers in Gaza.
As for the military value of “Al-Qasim” missile, its value is the ability of the missile to carry an explosive head 400 kilograms of explosives and a lethal range of 200 meters and is carried on a base.

The specialist and follower of the Zionist affairs, Amer Khalil said: “The enemy’s media was very interested in the videos and video messages issued by Al-Quds Brigades showing the rocket bursts and mortar shells, and the Zionist occupation focused in particular on Qasim missile developed by Palestinian hands, the extent of its impact, its reflection on the confrontation with the Zionist entity, and the large amount of explosives it carries.

He added during his speech that the occupation and the enemy’s media talked about the effect of this missile if it occurred on military gatherings, which made them take new precautions to avoid the impact of the “Al-Qasim” missile.

The specialist, Amer Khalil, continues: “It was difficult for the occupation soldiers because of the use of this missile alongside mortar shells that have thickened the occupation soldiers in what is called Gaza.

While the specialists and analysts have agreed that the development of these missiles locally has an impact on the course of the battle and the coming battles with the occupation, and that what the resistance is doing in introducing new military industries to serve during the confrontation is nothing but confirmation that the strength of the resistance is accumulating and that it is able to keep the flame of the conflict burning from the occupation, and also able to hams the Zionist military missiles in the countries of the world, which failed to confront the missiles of the resistance.
The events of Yemen cannot be absent from what happened in Palestine. It is important to stress that the legendary victories that the Yemeni people have made.

The victories in the Yemeni arena, which is similar to that of the Palestinian people, the hope of the Palestinian resistance fighters that they could win, which was what they achieved, thanks to God.
The Yemeni people have always had the lead in championing the Palestinian cause, and even making it their biggest cause. As the Leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi stressed in his various speeches that the Palestinian issue is for the Yemeni people a priority and that it cannot be abandoned regardless of the size of the challenges, developments and attacks. He added that Yemen will be present to participate militarily with of the axis of resistance, it will have an effective contribution, as it was known that Sayyed. Abdulmalik launched his initiative to call on the Saudi regime to release Hamas members whom it arrested in exchange for the release of Saudi pilots and other officers.

The last thing he confirmed in this regard in his speech on the opening of the summer sessions, whereas he stressed that Yemen will remain loyal to Palestine.

The statements of Sayyed. Abdulmalik and the practical steps that followed, including popular demonstrations and donations of money to the Palestinian resistance, in addition to Yemen’s persistence in celebrating International Jerusalem Day regularly and with the largest popular gathering in the region. It was met with wide satisfaction by the Palestinian people and the resistance leaders themselves thanks and gratitude Sayyed. Abdulmalik and the loyal people of Yemen.

The Palestinian issue is the main test for every Arab and free man in this world, and it is a true measure of the level of responsibility and religious and humanitarian commitment towards the Palestinian cause, which is considered the mother of issues and the biggest grievances on the face of the earth.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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