Corruption of the so-called legitimacy government in Taiz and Aden

The Yemeni riyal has deteriorated again in the occupied provinces after reaching its lowest level since the formation of the new mercenary government at the end of last year, registering 925 riyals per dollar.


A cashier working in Aden said the rial has reached the lowest level in its history, expecting the continue to deteriorate due to corruption and the policies of the mercenary government, as well as the smuggling of hard currency into Turkey by reform leaders.


The deteriorating situation in the occupied territories led to growing public anger, particularly in Taiz and Aden provinces, where citizens are suffering from difficult living conditions and poor public services.


Over the past days, the residents of Taiz demonstrated to condemn the deterioration of services and the spread of corruption, and the demonstrations witnessed the raising of banners and slogans reading “No water, no electricity, no health, no education.”

The demonstrators also placed garbage in front of the governorate headquarters in protest against the suspension of street and neighborhood cleaning services.

They confirm the involvement of the appointed governor of the fugitive Hadi, Nabil Shamsan, who is close to the Brotherhood, and the old man, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, in looting money provided by international organizations, as well as collecting large sums of money from merchants in the name of supporting the so-called National Army.


Participating parties in the mercenary government blamed “Ma’in Abdul-Malik” and the “Transitional” and held them responsible for the bad conditions in Aden, as well as held the Islah Party responsible for the deteriorating conditions in Taiz.


During the past months, Aden also witnessed demonstrations condemning the poor services and the complexities of daily life, which increased due to the wave of high prices resulting from the devaluation of the currency.


Recently, the Yemeni riyal returned to deterioration in the occupied governorates, perpetuating a rise in the prices of basic materials.


According to economic and financial experts, the deterioration of the riyal price is not only due to the difficult economic situation and the slowdown in activities due to the war and the Corona pandemic, but also due to mismanagement and widespread corruption, as evidence that the conditions in Sana’a and the rest of the non-occupied governorates are better than the occupied areas despite the siege imposed.


The mercenary government is accused of wasting the aid it received from international organizations, according to a previous report by the United Nations.

Resource: ansarollah website.


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