Yemeni official criticizes the attitude of the Security Council ,holds it responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen

The member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, criticized the attitude of the United Nations Security Council and held it responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.

A member of the senior politician said, in a tweet on Twitter, that the Security Council “bears full responsibility for what happened in Yemen after its decision to place Yemen under Chapter VII.”

He stressed that this decision was based on misleading intelligence reports issued by the countries involved in the coalition of military aggression against Yemen.He also accused it of not criminalizing the coalition countries and their allies in terrorizing and besieging Yemen and preventing the Yemeni people from selling the oil stored in Safer tanker.

Al-Houthi called on it to compel the United Nations to implement the agreement signed between it and the Republic of Yemen as two parties to avoid the catastrophic diversion of the tanker.

He added, “Any meeting of the Council that does not obligate the United Nations to implement the agreement will be a failure, and a witness to hold the Security Council, the United Nations and the countries of the American, British, Saudi, and Emirati aggression and its allies responsible for the disaster.”

The senior political member pointed out that “the countries of aggression do not allow the implementation of the Zero Maintenance Agreement to deliberately fail every achievement that the Republic of Yemen and the capital of its steadfastness , Sana’a, to stop the disasters created by the American, British, Saudi, Emirati aggression and its allies.”

He continued, “The countries of aggression confirm the failure of the UN envoy to Yemen in everything,” denouncing their allegations of their keenness on peace.

The senior political member published an official document issued by the United Nations at the end of last March, in which the United Nations Office for Project Services explains the latest agreement between the international organization and the Republic of Yemen represented by the Supervisory Committee .It was to implement the maintenance and evaluation agreement for the Safer Floating Tank, stressing that everything in it has been signed. pointing out that the United Nations office retracted after the signing

These tweets came hours before the session in which the Security Council will be briefed on the latest developments in the case of the tanker.It has been anchored for years off the port of Hodeidah governorate amid fears that its oil will leak, causing a major environmental disaster in the region.

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