Oil Company: Constanat piracy doubles the suffering of 26 million Yemenis

The Yemeni Oil Company confirmed that, since the beginning of 2021 AD, the aggression forces have released only two ships of diesel for public consumption. It only represented nine percent of the actual need in the normal supply situation.

The Executive Director of the Oil Company, Ammar Al-Adraa, said during a protest for the employees of the Yemeni Oil Company today in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a, that the Red Sea pirates, led by America and with the participation of the United Nations.They are trying to beautify their image in front of the world by releasing part of the fuel ships detained after acts of piracy, kidnapping and detention more than six months ago.

He said, “when they are confiscating the rights of 26 million Yemenis and doubling their suffering, they are seeking, by releasing a small part of the detained oil derivatives ships, to present this as an achievement in the humanitarian file.”

He added, “Oil is a right guaranteed to every citizen , but the Red Sea pirates ,the forces of aggression led by America and with the participation of the United Nations, are violating international laws and covenants.”

Al-Adhra’i pointed out that the fines for the currently released ships amounted to four billion riyals.They are incurred by the Yemeni people, which prevent them from benefiting from the drop in fuel prices or the actual cost thereof in the stock exchange price and exchange rate changes.

He stressed that the fuel ships are still being held off the coast of Jizan in flagrant violation of international laws and United Nations charters.He also holds the coalition of aggression led by America and the United Nations fully responsible for the situation in Yemen as a result of acts of piracy on fuel ships and preventing their entry.

A statement issued by the stand renewed the call for the free people of the world to pressure towards stopping the maritime piracy on the oil derivatives ships practiced by the US-Saudi aggression coalition with UN cover.

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