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Zakat Authority and the Ministry of Technical Education sign a contract for the rehabilitation of two thousand young people

Today, Sunday, the General Authority for Zakat and the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training signed a contract for a vocational training project to rehabilitate and develop the capabilities and skills of young people in technical and vocational institutes in the governorates of the Republic.

According to the signed contract وthe project aims to rehabilitate two thousand young people who are able to work in the capital’s secretariat and the governorates in 30 vocational programs as a first stage within the Zakat Authority’s projects for economic empowerment in technical and vocational education centers and institutes in all provinces.

During the signing, Minister Ghazi praised the efforts of the leadership of Zakat Authority and its initiative in cooperation with the Ministry of Technical Education to qualify young people at the level of the Republic according to the needs of the labor market in various disciplines.

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