The Oil Company: Eight million dollars the total fines of ships seized by the aggression

The Yemeni Oil Company confirmed that the suffering of the Yemeni people has reached an unprecedented stage as a result of the continued detention of oil derivatives ships by the US-Saudi aggression coalition.

The vigil was attended by the employees of the oil company and the vital and service sectors in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a today, Monday.During it ,the company’s CEO, Ammar Al-Adari, the company’s official spokesman, Issam Al-Mutawakel, indicated the need for the United Nations to intervene and carry out its duty to release the oil derivatives ships and not to detain them in the future.

He called for quickly separating the humanitarian file from the political and military file in order to alleviate the human suffering of the Yemeni people.

The company’s official spokesman indicated that the aggression coalition is still holding oil derivatives ships, and during the last period only two ships were released.

He explained that the total fines incurred by these ships exceeded eight million dollars, equivalent to five billion riyals.

A statement issued by the stand held the international community and the United Nations fully responsible for the situation in Yemen due to the continued detention of fuel ships.

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