Yemeni President discusses with the Omani Royal Office efforts to stop the aggression ,lift the siege

His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council, met today, Monday, in the capital, Sana’a, with the delegation of the Omani Royal Office, which is visiting our country within the framework of Omani efforts in support of the Yemeni people.

The meeting was attended by the head of the national delegation, Mohammad AbdulSalam, the deputy head of the delegation, Jalal Al-Ruwaishan, a member of the national delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi, and the head of the Security and Intelligence Service, Major General Abdul-Hakim Al-Khaiwani.During the meeting, the President Al-Mashat welcomed the visiting Omani delegation, stressing that they are in their second country amidst their brothers ,sons of the Yemeni people, who have the utmost respect and appreciation for the Omani people and their leadership.

President Al-Mashat expressed his thanks and gratitude for the noble stances of the sisterly Sultanate of Oman towards the Yemeni people during the aggression and the unjust siege on them.

The meeting discussed the efforts made by the Sultanate of Oman to alleviate the human suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the US-Saudi blockade and aggression, whereas President Al-Mashat expressed his hope that these efforts will be successful.

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