The Oil Company: A ship carrying 27 thousand tons of gasoline arrives at the port of Hodeidah

Today, Tuesday, a ship arrived at the port of Hodeidah carrying more than 27 thousand tons of gasoline.

The official spokesman for the Yemeni Oil Company, Issam Al-Mutawakel, said that the ship “Sea Hart”, loaded with 27,893 tons, is the first gasoline ship to enter the port of Hodeidah since the beginning of 2021 AD.

He indicated that the ship was released after a six-month detention period by the US-Saudi aggression coalition, which resulted in the Yemeni citizen incurring more than 2 billion riyals in fines (damrij) as a result of the delay resulting from piracy on oil derivatives ships.

He noted that the rest of the ships are still being held until this moment despite obtaining UN permits.

During the past two days, the coalition of aggression released two ships.

The total fines incurred by the seized ships amounted to more than eight million dollars equivalent to five billion riyals.

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