The Prisoners Committee announces its readiness to conclude an exchange deal that includes the brother of the faraway Hadi ,Al-Subaihi

The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs has expressed its readiness to enter into a broad local prisoner exchange deal that includes the leaders of mercenaries present in the army and the popular committees.

Head of the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee, Abdul Qadir Al-Mortada, said in a statement today, Saturday, “With the current absence of the international role in the prisoners’ file, we affirm our readiness to enter into a broad local exchange deal that includes (Mahmoud Al-Subaihi and Nasser Mansour Hadi) and other leaders.

Al-Murtada stressed the readiness of the national party to complete this deal if the aggression mercenaries had the authority to complete such a deal.

Last week, the head of the committee called on the mercenaries of aggression to bypass Saudi orders and enter into local deals to release prisoners at the same time calling on the mercenaries’ families to put pressure on their leaders to free their sons.

Al-Murtada said that the prisoners’ file is receiving great attention from the Leader of the Revolution and the Supreme Political Council, and we seek to free our prisoners through the United Nations or local mediation.He pointied out that the side of the aggression links the prisoners’ file to the political files, and whenever there is a political movement Saudi Arabia prevents all exchanges.

In a previous statement, the head of the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs confirmed that Saudi directives to its mercenaries to prevent prisoner exchange operations led to the arrest of operations involving 400 prisoners. He added that the Saudi directives led to the suspension of 7 prisoner exchanges on several fronts.

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